Who are we ?

Our company is based in Luxembourg and was founded in 2002 by the former AGENCE DETALLE active on refractory market since 1952.

We are dedicated to Refractory Technology. Thanks to a network of value partners, we supply various kinds of refractories for applications to Iron & Steel, Non-Ferrous Metals, Aluminium, Glass,  Foundries, Cement, Lime, Coke, Chemical and Power Plants. Our fields of activities are Europe & Northern Africa where our team is present.

We propose different technologies for construction and maintenance of all kind of furnaces, such as refractory bricks, backfills, monolithics, filler sands and precast shapes.

Biocera provides a technical support and on site follow-up.

Biocera, your Partner in Refractories, can help you to improve your performance. Together, we will achieve higher targets.


In 1952 Pol Detalle created a sales and representation agency, which grown fast.

On 1967 his son Richard joined the company, and a collaboration was established with the world refractory leader, German group DIDIER-WERKE AG, and with its Swiss subsidiary STOPING AG, created on 1968 to develop the sliding gate system INTERSTOP, well known by steel specialists.

The original and inventive spirit of Pol and Richard Detalle led them to register several industrial patents.

The AGENCE DETALLE specialized in refractories for continuous casting process, developed different patents, still in application. Starting from the ideas of Pol and Richard Detalle, the Agency was leader of a European Research program BRITE EURAM, in collaboration with DIDIER-WERKE, UNIMETAL and INSTITUT POLYTECHNIQUE DE LORRAINE, to develop and build a new sliding gate system which displayed lower cost and better performances.


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Phone : +352 621 238 699
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ArcelorMittal Refractories manufactures various kinds of Refractories for applications in Iron & Steel, Nonferrous Metals, Foundries, Cement, Lime, Glass, Coke, Chemical and Power Plants.
ArcelorMittal Refractories provides the concept of TOTAL REFRACTORY SOLUTION to the Users starting from the development of Design, Manufacturing and Applications.
Since 2006 ArcelorMittal Refractories is a 100% subsidiary of ArcelorMittal Poland.
BIOCERA, as a business associate, provides technical service on site in Western Europe and Northern Africa.

ArcelorMittal Refractories
Polska, 30-969 Krakow, ul. Ujastek 1



BIOCERA is business partner of Magneco Metrel, Inc. since 1993.
Magneco Metrel, Inc. has developed a family of refractory monolithic products reffered to as "Metpump”. Starting in 1989 Magneco Metrel , recognizing the insurmountable shortcomings of cement free castables, made a total commitment to a new technology utilizing the latest versions of colloidal silica  to form a unique binding system. The unique characteristics of the Refractories caused Magneco Metrel to create value for customers by providing quick repairs and therefore equipment availability.

BIOCERA also provides technical support during installations and repairs.

Magneco/Metrel, Inc.
223 W. Interstate Road
Addison, Illinois 60101 USA
1 (630) 543-6660
Fax: 1 (630) 543-1479



Our partner ABT Aufbereitungstechnik is one of the country's biggest manufacturing and service company's in the field of filler sands. Founded in 1975 and headquartered in Duisburg, Germany,
The core business of ABT is the development and production of customized filler sands used in steel mills. Additionally, ABT develops starter systems used in continuous casting plants.
Using ABT products, our customers were able to increase their opening rates significantly.

With 25 years of experience in filler sand for sliding gates, ABT developed a product, which is adaptable to nearly every requirement of the modern high quality steel plants. It is called: POW EVO.
The concept of POW evo includes the adaptation of the filler sand at any customer requirements and the continuous further development to the process engineering of the steel plant.

ABT Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH
Sympherstr. 101
47138 Duisburg - Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)203-99467-0
Fax: +49 (0)203-99467-14 


What Puzzel can:
Puzzel advises companies and acts on changing management, human behaviour programs and safety company culture.  Not only advising but also developing and performing trainings programmes, which will manage changes and create opportunities for a better performance. The starting point is mostly safety, but not limited to that : secondary effects must be taken into account such as, better quality of work, productivity, motivation, profitability and sustainability performance. Puzzel can boost the safety culture within your company.

Our approach is based on facilitating techniques and a strong coaching approach on the shop floor. We believe that learning by doing, interactivity and discussion are most effective to obtain results.

Besides trainings and workshops, we do consulting and like to solve problems, especially on field of cooperation between management, unions and other stakeholders. Working together as a team becomes a common objective for business sustainability and results orientated opportunities.

What means PUZZEL ?
PUZZEL analyse internally your company, together with you, your existing tools and perhaps find some missing golden tools allowing all the pieces to fit better together.

Where is PUZZEL ?
Puzzel is based in Luxembourg but can perform everywhere.

Who is behind PUZZEL ?
Johan REMMERY, owner of PUZZEL Sarl, has a very large and long term experience in heavy industrial environment, based on many sites visits during years ; more details can be found on  Linkedin profile :

Summarized professional experiences: Assistant manager in a Belgium Brewery, all operational jobs in a big steel plant in Belgium (included nearly 20 years of shift work), Line – Manager steel shop ArcelorMittal Gent, HR manager counseling & social service & unions, Lead auditor for Safety worldwide, Health & Safety Manager ArcelorMittal Corporate Steel and Mining, Journey to zero and benchmark corporate manager ArcelorMittal.
How to contact PUZZEL ?
5, Rue de Bonnevoie L-1260 Luxembourg
Mobile Phone: +352 691 475 930
Authorisation n° 10071247/0 - 10071247/1
R.C.S. n° B207747


In Glass Industry, ceramics are essential to realise furnaces coating, but also high temperature resistant filters.

IRF EUROPA is an experienced company, highly qualified in furnace refractory maintenance services.
Through the advanced technique of ceramic welding and structural hot works, they are able to perform repairs while furnaces are in full operation, without the need to shut down, thus avoiding losses of production.


Via Ferrara, 3
31030 Casier (TV)
Tel. 0422.340145
Fax. 0422.634034

France Office 
Rue Louis Blanchard, 11
42290 Sorbiers